You're Not The Boss of Me!

Ruth Ker
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Ker, Ruth
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Understanding the Six/Seven-Year-Old Transformation

The change in children between roughly six and seven years old is significant, and can be challenging for parents, teachers and educators.

This comprehensive book offers a multitude of resources and insights to help with the transformation. It is packed with research, anecdotes, study material, ideas for working in the classroom, examples of age-appropriate stories, verses, games, and much more.

Parents, teachers, and therapists -- anyone who lives or works with children who are going through the change of teeth -- will find inspiration, encouragement and insight in this volume.

Ruth Ker is a mother of two grown children who have been educated in the Waldorf school that she has pioneered on Vancouver Island, in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. She has been a teacher of early childhood education for over thirty years, first in mainstream education and then at Sunrise Waldorf School. She is a member of the WECAN board.

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